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Ginko Papers April 17, 2009

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One of my favorite media is paper. I used it carte blanche. I can’t envision a collage without it. So, needless to say, I love paper stores. When I can’t make it to our local Indianapolis store, Dolphin Papers, I search the web. Ginko Papers is like walking into a Japanese paper store – virtually, of course!


Take a look for yourself — there’s a lot more than paper going on over there. And if you want to check out my mixed media work, pop on over to Mon Ami Designs.


Altered Cassette Book April 16, 2009

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This mixed media artist loves, loves, loves to travel! And the first thing I grab when in a new city is a map. In fact, I grab as many free maps as I can! I love them. I use the in all my altered books, and in many of my canvases. So when I saw these precious little beauties

manhattan2at Mau Studio, I knew I’d found a gem. I have several blank journals waiting to altered or used for morning pages, but I believe that a girl can never have too many of them. And they are made from recycled tape cassettes! Parfait!


Inspired by Fabric April 15, 2009

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Sometimes, a mixed media artist needs a little inspiration. On occasion, I’ll dig through the trash, go window shopping (not very hospitable in Indianapolis right now) or root through my boxes of ephemera. Today though, I found Daisy Janie. Her fabric patterns are amazing! I want to break out the sewing machine right now and use this gorgeous stuff. And then my sharpies, and work on a sketch….


Passport Perfect April 13, 2009

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Living in Indiana, doesn’t do much for this mixed media artist. This means I travel a lot. In fact, I get the travel bug frequently. And much of my art is inspired by my travels. I love the idea of a passport holder, but the ones I have seen just aren’t me. I think I have finally met my match! Check out this fantastic (and yes, RECYCLED) passport holder! I love it:


Giraffe Passport Holder

Giraffe Passport Holder

To get your very own holder, you can skip on over to Paper N Stitch. Or to see my Paris inspired works, check out Mon Ami Designs.


Mixed Media Bird Art April 11, 2009

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If you haven’t guessed already, I love birds. And apparently, I’m in good company. I found the “bird nerd” over at ChelseArt. She also loves her birds. Check out these beauties:




Mod Nuthatch

Mod Nuthatch

As always, if you’d like to check out my work, you can see it at Mon Ami Designs.


Aster + Sage April 10, 2009

I am a huge fan of line and color. In fact, I would say that these are the primary forces in my mixed media work. I found this wonderful site recently that really caught my eye. I love the springy-ness of these lovely flowers,

Blossom Bracelet

Blossom Bracelet

and the fact that they are recycled is even more appealing to me. You can check out more of these fantastic blossoms and such at Aster + Sage. It’s a great little shop with lots of goodies to offer.


Another Great Etsy Artist April 5, 2009

I need my inspiration here in Indianapolis. It’s cold, wet and rainy. So I decided to flip through some of my favorite artists over at Etsy and remembered how much I like Brooke B. Her art uses my favorite color palette. And I just can’t resist the birds. Check out this gorgeous little gem.

As always, you can see my work over at Mon Ami Designs.