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New Collage Underway March 7, 2009

Filed under: Collage Doo Dads — Amy Harrison @ 11:32 am
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Here we are again at the beginning of March. I can smell the dampness of the earth, feel the change in the wind, and I am aching to get out there and set up the garden. Alas, it’s too early. The almanac says I need to wait.

So I’ve channelled that energy into a new collage – it’s still a work in progress, but it certainly has to do with spring. I’m hoping to create a series based on the concept of nesting.  I’ll give you a peek at the current work:dsc_00031

We’ll have to see how they look, but I can see a nest of shredded money, a nest of fibers, a magpie roost, all sorts of things. I’ll be setting aside some work days soon. Come on spring!


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