Bon Jour!

Musings of a Mixed Media Artist

About February 27, 2009

Amy Harrison

Artist Biography  



Amy Harrison is a self-taught artist currently living in Indianapolis, IN. She began 

working with collage and mixed media in 2003. Since that time she has built an 

art business through exhibiting and teaching. She has exhibited her work at the 

Indianapolis Art Center and at several prestigious art fairs including The One Of 

A Kind Show (Chicago), Winterfair, Penrod, The Broad Ripple Art Fair, and the 

Indiana Art Fair at the Indiana State Museum.  


Because Amy is not traditionally trained as an artist, she has the advantage of 

living outside the rules. She doesnʼt restrict her materials or her design; she 

allows herself to “play.” She loves the kooky and the nostalgic. Whimsy is a large 

part of her work. She embraces the postmodern feel of collage. She believes we 

are all made up of the different pieces that others have left in us, through DNA, 

through mutual experience, or through the bonding of souls with whom we have 

connected. Collage seems to depict this in a very honest and appealing way. It 

draws the viewer and the artist together, as well as the past and the present. 


Her inspiration comes from her passions: friendship, travel, history and the arts. 

Her “Drinking Series” was inspired by my friendships and the camaraderie of 

sharing a glass or a mug together. “The Bill of Rights” is a series that sprang 

from her love of history and her current struggles with politics. Through her 

series, “The Nine Muses,” she examines her creative process. “The Truth About 

Things” is a series of collages that express what it is like to be a woman at the 

beginning of the post-modern era, specifically from her point of view. 


Amyʼs digital design and handmade books are small objects dʼart intended to be 

treasured gifts. Her keepsake books are entirely handmade with envelopes for 

pages, accordion bindings, and various ribbons or hardware for closures. The 

envelope pages are made from a variety of papers including vintage sheet music 

and antique maps. Every book is unique and can be easily personalized.


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